The 10 Signs you have got a bad boss

More than 20 per cent of employees in the UK have resigned as a result of negative management experiences!

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A good manager can make or break someone’s career, a whole a team, or even an entire business.

Now, a survey of 2,000 employees by job and careers website Glassdoor has revealed that two in three workers in the UK have had bosses they perceive to be annoying, and that more than 20 per cent have even resigned as a result of negative management experiences.

At 43 per cent, the most commonly cited issue with management was “disrespectful” behaviour, which includes ignoring employees and taking credit for other people’s work.

 Some 34 per cent said their manager had a negative attitude, while 23 per cent blamed their bosses for being lazy.

At the bottom of the list, over 7 per cent of employees were offended by “sexist comments” made on a regular basis.

When broken down by gender, however, 40 per cent of female employees felt their bosses were “disrespectful”, almost one in ten said they bore the brunt of “sexist comments” and 23 per cent of women didn’t like the fact that their managers were “lazy”.

According to the overall regional findings, 63 per cent of people in Wales said they had an “annoying boss”, followed by Scotland at 62 per cent and England at 61 per cent.

David Whitby, UK Country Manager at Glassdoor said: “The saying ‘you don't leave your company, you leave your manager’ still holds true today.

“The good news is that you can become a better manager if you are willing to be self-reflective and open to feedback. Very few are born with the innate ability to become a natural leader, so, just like any other skill, it must be honed to help you get to where you want to be.”

According to Kim Scott, an entrepreneur who has managed people at some of the biggest Silicon Valley companies in the world – including Google and Apple - there is one type of ideal management style, which she calls “Radical Candour”.

Speaking with the Independent last month she said: “Radical Candour is the ability to show you care personally at the same time you challenge people directly.

“The whole point of Radical Candour is that it really is possible to care personally and challenge directly at the same time. We can break free of a false dichotomy that leaves too many people feeling they have to choose between being a jerk and being incompetent.

“That’s a terrible choice, and nobody has to make it. In fact, if you really care personally about somebody, you will tell them if you think they are making a mistake — and also, of course, when they are doing something great,” she added.

Here are the 10 most commonly cited bad boss traits in the UK

  1. Disrespectful - 43 per cent
  2. Negative attitude -34 per cent
  3. Lazy - 23 per cent
  4. Always talking about himself/herself - 16 per cent
  5. Inappropriate humour - 10 per cent
  6. Comes in late - 10 per cent
  7. Leaves early - 10 per cent
  8. Swearing 8 per cent
  9. Loud phone calls - 8 per cent
  10. Sexist comments -7 per cent


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